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License Free Transceiver

License Free under Government Gazette Notification No. : DL-33004/99, GSR-1047 (E)

License Free 446 - 446.2 MHz

Himalayan BLAZE X1 is your perfect partner for effective communication via walkie talkie. It keeps you connected and can be used anywhere because it operates in LICENSE FREE BAND. The torch ight enables you to see in dark and the wireless copy function allows you to seamlessly clone two radio without any hassle.

4000 mAh

Massive Battery

Powerful Torch

BLAZE X1 comes with a built-in torch which combines the power of reliable communication with the convenience of a bright flashlight in dark areas and areas of emergency where no light is available for the user.

USB Type C Charging

No extra charging tray required. Simply charge the battery with the 1 m long type C cable and power adapter available in the box. Hence forget about carrying any accessories while travelling. 

Loud Volume

High quality sound with crystal clear audio helps you hear the sound in noisy environment. It’s unmatched volume and clarity help you hear loud in crowded areas and in industrial settings.

Wireless Copy Function

No need of any software to program the radio, while your other sets are already programmed. Clone two radios wirelessly with its wireless copy function with just a press of a button.

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12 Months Warranty

Made in INDIA

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